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I Can't Find the Person I'm Looking For, What Now?
=== I Can't Find the Person I'm Looking For, What Now? ===
*Consult the [[Argentina Record Finder]] to find other records
*Civil registration records are also a good source of genealogical information. See [[Argentina Civil Registration|Argentina Civil Registration]] for further information. You should obtain copies of both church records and civil registration, when possible, since they do not necessarily provide the same information. For example, baptismal registers sometimes provide the names of the fathers of illegitimate children when the civil registration does not
*Remember that there may be more than one person in the records with the same name as your ancestor and that your ancestor may have used nicknames or different names at different times. Transcription errors could also occur in any handwritten record. And it was not uncommon for an individual be listed under a nickname or an abbreviation of their name. Click here for a list of [ Spanish name abbreviations]
*A boundary change could have occurred and the record of your ancestor is now in a neighboring area. Search the records and indexes of neighboring cities, provinces, and regions
*Your ancestor may have immigrated to another country. Search the records of nearby countries or immigration/emigration records
*Consult the [[Argentina Record Finder]] to find other records
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