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Mexico Genealogy

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Getting Started
<h3>Getting Started with Mexico Research</h3>
Links to articles on getting started with Mexico research.
*[[media:Mexico Research Guide.pdf|Mexico Research Guide]]*[[Mexico Genealogy Research Using the Wiki - Video Series|Mexico Genealogy Research Using the Wiki - Video Series]]*[[Mexico How to Guides|"How to" Guides]]: Inserting Special Characters, Catholic Church Records,Reading Spanish Handwritten Records, Reading Baptism Records, Reading Marriage Records, Reading Death Records*[[Improve your Search Results for Hispanic Ancestors in]]
*[[Mexico Locating Place of Origin|Mexico Locating Place of Origin]]
*[[Mexico Quick Start Guide|Quick Start Guide]]
*[[Mexico Research Tips and Strategies|Research Strategies]]
*[[GuidedResearch:Mexico|Guided Research]]
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<h3>Mexico Research Tools</h3>
Links to articles and websites that assist in Mexico research.
*[ Geographic, historical and biographical dictionary of the United Mexican States], *[ Reading Spanish Handwriting]
*[[Spanish Genealogical Word List]]
*[ Spanish Script Tutorial]*[ Reading Spanish Handwritten Records, Lesson 1] *[ Reading Spanish Handwritten Records, Lesson 2] *[ Reading Spanish Handwritten Records, Lesson 3]*[[Spanish Records Extraction Manual|'''Spanish Records Extraction Manual.''']] Practice reading documents*[ '''The BYU Spanish Documents Script Tutorial''']*[[Mexico Language and Languages]]
*[[Spanish Letter Writing Guide]]
{{Click|File:MexicoOGR.png|Mexico Online Genealogy Records}} [[{{Click|File:Ask the Community Button New Version.jpg|link=FamilySearch Genealogy Research Groups on Facebook]]}}
== Mexico Map ==
*'''For states numbered 1-7, click on their names in the legend. The map area for those states is too small to access accurately. Notice also that Sonora is spelled Sonara and Oaxaca is spelled Oasaca.'''<br>
{{Imagemap Mexico}}
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