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| link5=[[District of Columbia, United States Genealogy|District of Columbia]]
{{US State HR Infobox
|CID=CID1803967 |title=District of Columbia Deaths, 1874-1961|location=District of Columbia
| LOC_01 = District of Columbia
| LOC_02 =
| LOC_02_type =
| LOC_03 =
| loc_map =
| state_loc_map = US locator map District of Columbia.PNG
| State_flag = District of Columbia flag.png
| record_type =Death Records
| start_year = 1874
| end_year = 1961
| FS_URL_01 = [[GuidedResearch:District of Columbia|District of Columbia Guided Research]]| FS_URL_02 = [[District of Columbia Record Finder]]| FS_URL_03 = [[District of Columbia Research Tips and Strategies|Research Tips and Strategies]]| FS_URL_04 = [[Step-by-Step District of Columbia Research, 1880-Present|Step-by-Step Research]]| FS_URL_05 =[[District of Columbia Genealogy |District of Columbia Genealogy]] | FS_URL_02 FS_URL_06 =[[District of Columbia Vital Records|District of Columbia Vital Records]] | FS_URL_03 FS_URL_07 =[[District of Columbia Archives and Libraries]]| FS_URL_04 FS_URL_08 =[[District of Columbia Church Records]]| FS_URL_05 FS_URL_09 =[[District of Columbia Directories]]| FS_URL_06 FS_URL_10 =[ Deaths in the FamilySearch Library Catalog] | FS_URL_07 FS_URL_11 =| FS_URL_12 = | FS_URL_08 FS_URL_13 = | FS_URL_09 FS_URL_14 = | FS_URL_10 FS_URL_15 = | RW_URL_01 =[ District of Columbia Databases] listed on [] _Free org_Free | RW_URL_02 =[ ]site for Washington D.C. or District of Columbia - Free | RW_URL_03 =[] ($) Express ordering of vital record certificates
| RW_URL_04 =
| RW_URL_05 = | RW_URL_06 = | RW_URL_07 = | RW_URL_08 = | RW_URL_09 = | RW_URL_10 =
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Whenever possible, FamilySearch makes images available for all users. However, rights to view images on our website are granted by the record custodians. Some of the images in this collection are only available for viewing if you are a registered FamilySearch user. You can register for a free FamilySearch account [ here].
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== What Can These Records Tell Me? ==
The following information may be found in these records: '''Death records''' usually contain:
*Name of deceased
*Date and place of death
=== How Do I Analyze the Results? ===
Compare each result from your search with what you know to determine if there is a match. This may require viewing multiple records or images. Keep track of your research in a [[Use_Appropriate_Forms#Prepare_a_Research_Log | research log]]. 
== What Do I Do Next? ==
===I Found the Person I Was Looking For, What Now?===
*Search for an obituary
*Search for a cemetery record
===I Can’t Find the Person I’m Looking For, What Now?===
*If your ancestor does not have a common name, collect entries for every person who has the same surname. This list can help you find possible relatives
*If you cannot locate your ancestor in the locality in which you believe they lived, then try searching records of a nearby town or county
*Try different spellings of your ancestor’s name
*Remember that sometimes individuals went by [ nicknames] or alternated between using first and middle names === Research Helps ===The following articles will help you in your research for your family in the state of [[District of Columbia, United States Genealogy|District of Columbia]].* [[GuidedResearch:District of Columbia|District of Columbia Guided Research]]* [[District of Columbia Record Finder]]* [[District of Columbia Research Tips and Strategies|Research Tips and Strategies]]* [[Step-by-Step District of Columbia Research, 1880-Present|Step-by-Step Research]] 
== Citing This Collection ==
Citations help you keep track of places you have searched and sources you have found. Identifying you sources helps others find the records you used.
;Collection Citation:"District of Columbia Deaths, 1874-1961." Database with images. <i>FamilySearch</i>. <nowiki></nowiki> : 4 October 2016. Citing Health Department. District Records Center, Washington D.C.{{Collection_Published}}
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== How Can I Contribute to the FamilySearch Wiki? ==
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