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Tennessee River

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In 1933, the Tennessee Valley Authority was created by the federal government and began major development of this river. "This program involved the expenditure of millions of dollars of public funds to realize the greatest benefit from the river in terms of flood control, erosion control and abatement, reforestation, recreation, hydro-electric power, navigation, and other direct or allied water uses<ref name=":0">Richardson, Jesse M. 1966. "THE TENNESSEE RIVER VALLEY IN ALABAMA: ITS GEOGRAPHICAL SETTING." Journal Of The Alabama Academy Of Science 37, no. 1: 68-75. America: History and Life with Full Text, EBSCOhost (accessed October 2, 2017).</ref>." Over a period of several years, a number of locks and dams were built along the Tennessee River as part of the plans of the TVA, along with things such as power and chemical/experimental plants, reforestation efforts, and docks. The TVA also had a significant affect on agriculture, homesteads, and communities in the Tennessee River Valley.<ref name=":0" />
Click [ here] for a link to maps of the Tennessee River watershed, dams, and plants.
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