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==What Is is in the This Collection" ==
This collection consists of 3x4 inch cards, which are headstone (gravestone) contracts provided for deceased Union veterans of the Civil War. The cards are on 22 rolls of microfilm covering over 166,000 records and are arranged alphabetically by surname. There are nine cards per image. Some of the names on the cards may be difficult to read.
== What Can This Collection These Records Tell Me? ==
The cards contain the following information:
*Contract date
== How Do I Search the This Collection? ==
To begin your search you will need to know:
*The name of the soldier.
*The place where the soldier was buried.
{{Search Collection Link
| CID=CID1913388
=== View the Images ===
View images in this collection by visiting the '''{{RecordSearch|1913388|Browse Page|access=browse}}'''<br>
Select '''Surname Range'''
'''Search by Name by visiting the [ Collection Page]:'''<br>Fill in your ancestor’s name in the initial search page. This search will return a list of possible matches. Compare the information about those in the list to what you already know about your own ancestors to determine if this is the correct family or person.  '''View images in this collection by visiting the [ Browse Page]:'''<br>To search the collection you will need to follow this series of links:<br> ⇒Select "Browse through images" on the initial collection page <br> ⇒Select "Surname Range" which takes you to the images.   With either search keep Keep in mind:
*There may be more than one person in the records with the same name.
*You may not be sure of your own ancestor’s name.
*Your ancestor may have used different names or variations of their name throughout their life.
=== How Do I Analyze the Results? ===
Compare each result from your search with what you know to determine if there is a match. This may require viewing multiple records or images. Keep track of your research in a [[Use_Appropriate_Forms#Prepare_a_Research_Log | research log]].
{{Tip|More images are available in the FamilySearch Catalog at [ United States Records of Headstones of Deceased Union Veterans, 1879-1903]. Some catalog records link to multiple references. In this case, click on a reference to find a camera icon to see images.}}
==Citing This Collection==
Citing Citations help you keep track of places you have searched and sources you have found. Identifying your sources makes it easy for helps others to find and evaluate the records you used. When you copy information from a record, list where you found that information. Here you can find citations already created for the entire collection and for each individual record or image.
;Collection Citation:
{{Collection citation | text= "United States, Records of Headstones of Deceased Union Veterans, 1879-1903." Database with Images. <i>FamilySearch</i>. <nowiki> </nowiki> : accessed 2017. Citing NARA microfilm publication M1845. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington D.C.}}
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