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Carroll County, Arkansas Genealogy

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{{AR Business Records Intro|Carroll}}
=== Cemeteries ==={{AR Cemeteries Intro|Carroll}}
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| colspan="2" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" style="border:1px solid black"| <center>'''Cemeteries of Carroll County, Arkansas''' online and in print</center>
| width="2120%" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" style="border:1px solid black" | <center>'''Tombstone Transcriptions Online'''</center>
|bgcolor="#F0F0F0" valign="top" style="border:1px solid black" |
 *[http Find A Gravenn] Click "Refine Last Search" on the left, enter a name, click "Search" *[ ARGenWeb] *[ ARGenWeb Archives] *[ Tombstone Project]  *[ Arkansas Gravestones] enter a name and click "Search" *[http / Billion Graves] Enter a name and click "Search" (Statewide. Can search by county, but many with no results.)
| width="2120%" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" style="border:1px solid black" | <center>'''Tombstone Transcriptions TombstoneTranscriptions in Print''' ([[The Value of Cemetery Records in Print |Often more complete]])</center>|bgcolor="#F0F0F0" style="border:1px solid black" valign| *{{FHL|384674|subject-id|disp="top" |Family History Library}}*{{FHL|United States, Arkansas, Carroll805328|placesubject-id|disp=FamilySearch CatalogFamily History Library}} Select "Cemeteries" *[http + WorldCat]*[[Arkansas Periodicals|Periodicals]]*[[Carroll County, Arkansas Genealogy#Societies|Societies]]
| width="2120%" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" style="border:1px solid black" |<center>'''List of Cemeteries in the County'''</center>|bgcolor="#F0F0F0" style="border:1px solid black" valign="top" | *[http Find A] Click '''Search for a Cemetery''' on the right, click '''All Countries''' - click '''United States''', click '''State''', click '''County''' and search. *[httphttps://arkansasgravestonesbilliongraves.orgcom/search.php/results?cidcemetery_country=United%20States&cemetery_state=71 Arkansas Gravestones&cemetery_county=Carroll&year_range=5&size=15 Billion Graves] Click '''Browse Gravestones By Cemetery''' *[http://www.intermentepodunk.netcom/uscgi-bin/ar/carrolllocalList.htm Interment.netphp?local=11429&locTGroup=Cemeteries&direction=down&sec=0&qty=61&stateAbbv=&stateName= Arkansa Cemeteries by epodunk] *[http Access GenealogyArkansas Cemetery Records by Accessgenealogy]*[ USGenWeb Archives]*[ USGenWeb Tombstone Project]*[ ARGenWeb]*[ RootsWebRootsweb Carroll Cemeteries] *[ I Dream of Carroll County, Arkansas:Family History & Genealogy, Census, Birth, Marriage, Death Vital Records & More by Linkpedndium] Scroll to the county and cemetery.
| colspan="2" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" style="border:1px solid black"| <center>See '''[[ Arkansas Cemeteries]]''' for more information</center>
&nbsp;*[ Carroll County, The following web sites may have additional information on Arkansas Cemeteries] (Access Genealogy)*[ Carroll County, Arkansas Tombstone Photos] (GenWeb)*[ Carroll County Cemeteries] (GenWeb)*[ Carroll County Cemeteries] (Tombstone Transcription Project)*[http://www.rootswebinterment.ancestry.comnet/~arcchs/hscemlst.html Carroll County Cemetery Listings] (Carroll County Historical Society)*[ Carroll County Cemetery Locations] (Carroll County Historical Society)*[ Cemeteries] (Linkpendium)*[ Full Name Indexnet] (A-H) (Carroll County Historical Society)Arkansas cemetery records*[ Full Name Index] (I-P) (Carroll County Historical Society)*[ Full Name Index] (O-Z) (Carroll County Historical Society)*Harrington, Jessie F., and Annie E. Harrington. ''Cemetery Records from Carroll Co., Arkansas and Barry Co., Missouri''. [n.p.]: Self-published, 19--. [ WorldCat] page*[ Surname Cemetery Index (A-H)] (Carroll County Historical Society)by I dream of Genealogy*[ Surname Cemetery Index (I-J)] (Carroll County Historical Society)*[ Surname Cemetery Index (O-Z)] (html Carroll County Historical Society)By individual cemeteryBillionGraves: Has Google map, searchable database for each cemetery, photos of headstones. Can also search globally for the burial in case the burial may have taken place at a different cemetery.*[ Eureka Springs Cemetery, Eureka Springs]
=== Census Records ===
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