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Guide to '''Gärdslösa Parish, Sweden ancestry, family history, and genealogy:''' birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.
[[Image:Gärdslösa Church.JPG|thumb|right|300px|<center>Gärdslösa Church</center>]]
=== History ===
=== Place Names ===
Bägby, Bägby Nedre, Bägby Övre <br><br>
Galltorp, Galltorp Säteri, Gärdslösa, Gärdslösa Norria, Gärdslösa Prästegård, Gärdslösa Södra <br><br>
Hagby, Högtomta <br><br>
Jardsläte, Jordsläta, Jämjö <br><br>
Lindby <br><br>
Runsberga <br><br>
Skedemosse, Störlinge, Sätra (Sättra), Sörby <br><br>
[ ortnamnsregistret/sok-i-registret.html '''Sweden 1951 Place Names Register'''] and the [[Swedish Parish Pages|'''Swedish Parish Pages list''']] in this Wiki will give you searchable lists of places, particularly parishes and the farms within those parishes.
*'''Surrounding Parishes'''
== Collections ==
===Census Records===
*[[Sweden Household Examination Records (Husförhörslängder)]]--explanation of this church record which is functionally the census of Sweden.
*[ Sweden Household Examination Books, 1880 - 1920], ($), index and images. Also on Also on [ ''''''], ($), [ '''Arkiv Digital'''] ($), and [ '''SVAR'''] ($)at Riksarkivet.
===Church Records===
====Online Database Church Records====
The easiest way to access the Swedish Church Records is through the internet, using these five sites (see links to specific collections below). Four of these sites require a subscription for access. ('''''ArkivDigital''', '''''', and '''''' are available at [ a FamilyHistory Center near you] free of charge.'')
:*{{RecordSearch|1930243|'''Sweden, Kalmar Church Records, 1577-1907; index 1625-1860'''}}, at FamilySearch Historical Records.
:*[ ''''''] ($),
:*[ ''''''] ($),
:*[ '''Arkiv Digital'''] ($), and
:*['''SVAR'''] ($)at Riksarkivet.
====Help Using ArkivDigital: Online Databases for Sweden====
:These lessons will teach you how to use ArkivDigital:
::*[ {{LearningCenter2|400|Sweden: An Introduction to ArkivDigital]}}
::*[ Use the Full Scope of Arkiv Digital for Swedish Genealogy]<br>
=== Related Sources ===
{{Click|Image:Sweden_ORP.png|Sweden Online Genealogy Records}}[[File:Ask the Community Button New Version.jpg|link=FamilySearch Genealogy Research Groups on Facebook]]
::'''PLF Database''' -- A large portion of births, marriages, and deaths have been indexed on CD-Roms for the county of Kalmar. The 4 disc set has been created by Person-och Lokalhistoriskt Forskarcentrum, Oskarshamn (PLF). To learn more about these CD-Roms click [[PLF Database|here.]]
::'''Nixon''' -- a name index of Biographical and genealogical information for Kalmar and a few other counties.&nbsp; To learn more click [[NIXON : Nödvåndigt Index Omfattande Namn : genväg till tidigare person-historik forskning|here]].
===Help Reading Swedish Records===
*You do not have to be fluent in Swedish to read these records! The They have a limited vocabulary: mother, father, born, bride, groom, married, etc. The rest of the content will be names, dates, and places, which do not need translation.
*[[Swedish Genealogical Word List|This '''Swedish Word List''']] covers typical terms found in the records.
*[ '''Swedish Historical Dictionary Database, SHDD''']: This interactive dictionary allows you to enter a word in the search box and receive the translation.
*[[Moveable Feast Day Calendar for: Sweden|'''Feast Day Calendar (Moveable)''']] and [[Fixed and Moveable Feast Days for: Sweden|'''Feast Day Lists (Fixed and Moveable)''']] will help you translate dates written in feast day form.
*Denmark Sweden surnames are patronymic and change every generation, so carefully study [[Sweden Names, Personal|'''Sweden Names, Personal''']].
*For help with reading the column headings found in more recent records, see [[Media:Swedenish_Par_Reg_and_Exam_headings.pdf|Swedish Parish Register and Household Exam Roll Headings]].
*Instructions, document examples, and translations are given for [ watch?v=rMIUyk19Q5Q '''Reading Swedish Birth and Christening Records 1717'''], [ watch?v=VszQTkluERk '''1752'''], [ 3v2Vhw '''1771'''], [ watch?v=KcLdSHQjyu0 '''1792'''], [ IAPE '''1803'''], [ watch?v=lcXgfbDIfpM '''1834'''], [ watch?v=nLS0zRxvbss '''1854'''].
===Help Reading Old Handwriting===
:*[ UL0wFoBaCXs '''Reading Gothic Handwriting for Swedish Genealogy, Lesson 1'''] :*[ watch?v=Y1yNb4BOIec '''Spelling and Phonetics for Swedish Genealogy, Lesson 2'''] — Names, dates, and key genealogical words:*[ watch?v=eBN4XbXosGU '''Reading Gothic Handwriting for Swedish Genealogy: Put It All Together, Lesson 3''']:*[ watch?v=ge7vsmb0ngQ '''Birth and Christening Records for Swedish Genealogy''']
*'''Reading Scandinavian Gothic Handwritten Records:''' (free, online lessons at FamilySearch):
**[ {{LearningCenter2|58|Lesson 1: '''Scandinavian Gothic Letters''']}}, **[ {{LearningCenter2|59|Lesson 2:''' Names, Words, and Dates''']}}, and **[ {{LearningCenter2|60|Lesson 3: '''Handwritten Records''']}}<br>
===Help With Research Objectives and Strategies===
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