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Stange Parish, Hedmark, Norway Genealogy

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Church Records
Microfilm of parish registers available at the '''Family History Library '''for {{FHL|7785|title-id|disp=Stange}} clerical district. Contains parish registers for the parishes [[Stange,_Norway|Stange]], [[Ottestad, Norway|Ottestad]] and [[Tangen, Hedmark, Norway|Tangen]] in Stange clerical district. Records available from 1714-1928.
Images of digitized parish registers available online at Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives). <br>
Stange: [http Stange: 1714-1722, 1724-1862, 1874-18791966] <br> Stange/Ottestad: [http 1838Stange/Ottestad: 1714-19471966] <br> Stange/Stange: [http 1840Stange/Stange: 1714-19471964] <br> Stange/Tangen: [http Stange/Tangen: 1861-19451962] <br>
=== Census Records ===
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