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In the last decade, there has been a literal explosion in the availability of online genealogy records. This article will explain methods for locating online genealogy records in a variety of internet sources.
*For using the FamilySearch Wiki to find online records, see [[Locating Online Databases Part One: FamilySearch Wiki Sources|'''Part One. ''']] *For online records using FamilySearch Historical Records and the FamilySearch Library, see [[Locating Online Databases Part Two: FamilySearch Historical and Library Records|'''Part Two. ''']] *For online digitized books, see [[Locating Online Databases Part Three: Digitized Books|'''Part Three. ''']] <br>
==Warning Tips==
First, here are some warnings to consider.
FamilySearch has a partnership with several '''subscription genealogy websites''' making it possible to view their collections without charge from a [[Family History Centers|'''Family History Center''']] computer.
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===American Ancestors===
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