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== Ordering Microfilm ==
The [ FamilySearch Catalog] is available online, and can be searched by [[FamilySearch Catalog Place Search|place name]], family surname, resource title, [[FamilySearch Catalog Author Search|author]], subject, [[FamilySearch Catalog Call Number Search|call number]], [[FamilySearch Catalog Film or Fiche Search|film number]] or [[FamilySearch Catalog Keyword Search|key word]]. Click the down arrow at the end of the Search field to select the category of information you wish to search. If you find a film you’d like to view, you can order that film using the on-line film ordering if it is available in your area. For more information, see [[Ordering Microfilm or Microfiche from a Family History Center|Ordering Microfilm Online]]. You may obtain a paper Microfilm Request form at your local Family History Center family history center if on-line ordering is not available in your area.
There is a small fee charged for ordering films and fiche that helps defray the cost of copying and shipping. There is no charge to view films from a center’s “Resident Film Collection.” Some Centers offer access to printers and digital scanners at a per-page cost. Check with a FHC Staff member to ask that Center’s fee schedule.
Microfilms are typically available at the center for 90 days. Films can become “extended” status films and be made available at that center indefinitely. Microfiche become part of a center's permanent collection (not returned). For more specific information about film ordering, ask a staff member at your local Family History Centerfamily history center.
All microfilm and microfiche must be viewed at the Family History Center where they were ordered. They cannot be transferred to another Family History Center facility, or be removed from the center to view at another location.

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