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*[ Canton Genève Church Records and Civil Registration] online. These records are available through the [ Archives d'Etat of Genève] website.
* [ Canton Schaffhausen Church Records] online. These records are available through the [ Staatsarchiv Schaffhausen] website.
* [ Kanton Zürich marriage index, early-1700]. Marriage records for the entire canton are available online courtesy of the [ Staatsarchiv Zürich]. For instructions on how to use the marriage index, see the '''"How to" Guide''' by [[Media:1-Z%C3%BCrich_Marriage_Index-Instruction.pdf|'''clicking here''']].<br><br>You can also access the PDF version of the marriage index by clicking '''[ here]'''.
*{{RecordSearch|1520585| Switzerland, Baptisms, 1491-1940}}. FamilySearch Historical Records. Index. Incomplete.
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