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Alabama Archives and Libraries

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Wallace State Community College Library: fixed link
===[[Wallace State Community College Library]]===
'''Mailing address:''' P.O. Box 2000<br>'''Street address:''' 801 Main Street NW<br>Hanceville AL, 35077-2000 USA<br>Telephone: Library 256-352-8260, Genealogy 256-352-8263<br>E-mail: []<br>Internet: [https Wallace State Community College Library]
:The genealogy collection is centered on Alabama, its neighboring states, the Old South, Kentucky, the Civil War and Cherokee Indians. They have books, periodicals, microfilm, CD-ROM disks, computer programs, family folders, and access to 2.5 million [[Family History Library]] microfilms.<ref>[ Genealogy] in ''Wallace State Community College'' (accessed 8 November 2015).</ref>
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