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Maine Land and Property

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| link5=[[Maine Land and Property|Land and Property]]
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=== Online Resources ===
*{{RecordSearch|1881491|Maine Revolutionary War Bounty Land Applications 1835-1838}}, images.
[[Image:Maine land.jpg|thumb|right|400px]]
=== Introduction ===
<br> The Family History Library has copies of deed records for all counties, most to about 1900. See the Place Search of the [ FamilySearch Catalog] under MAINE, [COUNTY] - LAND AND PROPERTY.
=== Web Sites Websites ===
*The [ Maine State Archives] has the records of the Maine Land Office. A [ list of the principle collections] with an index of the Revolutionary War Land Grants, 1830s is shown on the Web site.
*'''1718-1957''' - {{RecordSearch|1877829|Maine, State Archive Collections, 1718-1957}} at [ FamilySearch] — index and images
*[ Maine Land Records and Deeds Directory]. Internet site ($), accessed 12/28/2010.
'''Wiki articles describing online collections are found at:'''
*[[Maine, Aroostook County Deed Books (- FamilySearch Historical Records)|Maine, Aroostook County Deed Books (- FamilySearch Historical Records)]] *[[Maine State Archive Collections (- FamilySearch Historical Records)|Maine State Archive Collections (- FamilySearch Historical Records)]]
== References ==
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<br> {{maine|maine}}{{U.S. Land and Property}}
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