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added section about FamilySearch Centers
All microfilm and microfiche must be viewed at the Family History Center where they were ordered. They cannot be transferred to another Family History Center facility, or be removed from the center to view at another location.
== FamilySearch Centers vs. Family History Center ==
FamilySearch Centers (FSC) are different from Family History Centers in purpose.
FamilySearch Centers:<br>
*Provide digitizing equipment to digitize their family history books, VHS tapes, slides, negatives, photos, audio cassettes
*Provide access to genealogical records using the [[Family History Center Portal|Family History Center Portal]]
*Give personal one-on-one assistance to patrons
*Offer free how-to classes (varies by location)
*Provide [[Introduction to LDS FamilySearch Centers#Discovery Experiences|Discovery Experiences]]
FamilySearch Centers do not have books, films or other archives. They do teach research and have computers with the [[Family History Center Portal|Family History Center Portal]] that gives free access to some subscription websites.
*''For more information, read the wiki article about [[Introduction to LDS FamilySearch Centers|FamilySearch Centers]].''
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