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Lemland Parish, Ahvenanmaa, Finland Genealogy

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''[[Europe]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]]{{breadcrumb| link1=[[Finland Genealogy|Finland]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]]'' | link2=[[Ahvenanmaa County, FinlandGenealogy|Ahvenanmaa County]][[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] | link3=| link4=| link5=[[Lemland parishParish, Ahvenanmaa, FinlandGenealogy|Lemland parish]]}} 
Guide to '''Lemland parish, Finland ancestry, family history, and genealogy:''' birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, parish registers, and military records.
<br>==History==Lemland is a municipality of Åland, an autonomous territory of Finland.The municipality is unilingually Swedish.<br>[]
==Online Church Records: A Major Source for Birth, Marriage, and Death Information==
Different collections cover different parishes, so it is important to check every collection.
== Microfilm and Microfiche of Records for Finland ==
The original records used for developing the online databases are also available on microfilm and microfiche. '''''You will also find additional records that have yet to be digitized. Eventually, all of the microfilmed records will be digitized, reportedly by 2020.''''' These In the meantime, some records may be ordered to might be viewed found at a [ '''Family History Center'''] near you. To find a record:<br>
:::a. Click on this link to see a list of [ '''records for Finland, Ahvenanmaa'''].
:::e. Choose the correct '''type of record and time period''' for your ancestor. Births=syntyneet. Baptisms=kastetut. Marriages=vihityt. Deaths=kuolleet. Communion books=rippikirjat or pääkirja. Pre-confirmation books=lastenkirjat.
:::f. Some combination of the icons shown below will appear at the far right of the microfilm listed for the record.
:::[[File:FHL icons.png|100px]] <br>Clicking on the magnifying glass will take you to the index. Clicking on the camera will take you to an online digital copy of the microfilm. Clicking on the microfilm reel will lead to information on how to rent the film. Family History Center staff will assist you in ordering the film.
==Writing to the Local Parish==
== Related Sources ==
{{Click|Image:Finland_ORP.png|Finland Online Genealogy Records}}[[File:Ask the Community Button New Version.jpg|link=Genealogy_Help_on_FacebookFamilySearch Genealogy Research Groups]]
==Reading the Records==
*Key words and a glossary of somewhat less common words are found in the [[Finnish Genealogical Word List|'''Finnish Genealogical Word List''']] and the [[Swedish Genealogical Word List|'''Swedish Genealogical Word List''']]. This interactive dictionary allows you to enter a word in the search box and receive the translation: [ '''Swedish Historical Dictionary Database, SHDD'''].
*Online lessons are available to teach you how to read old Scandinavian handwriting:<br>
:*[ {{LearningCenter2|58|'''Reading Scandinavian Gothic Handwritten Records Lesson 1: Scandinavian Gothic Letters'''] }} :*[ {{LearningCenter2|59|'''Reading Scandinavian Gothic Handwritten Records Lesson 2: Names, Words, and Dates'''] }} :*[ {{LearningCenter2|60|'''Reading Scandinavian Gothic Handwritten Records Lesson 3: Handwritten Records''']}}:*[ UL0wFoBaCXs '''Reading Gothic Handwriting for Swedish Genealogy, Lesson 1'''] :*[ watch?v=Y1yNb4BOIec '''Spelling and Phonetics for Swedish Genealogy, Lesson 2'''] — Names, dates, and key genealogical words:*[ watch?v=eBN4XbXosGU '''Reading Gothic Handwriting for Swedish Genealogy: Put It All Together, Lesson 3''']:*[ watch?v=ge7vsmb0ngQ '''Birth and Christening Records for Swedish Genealogy''']*Instructions, document examples, and translations are given for [ watch?v=rMIUyk19Q5Q '''Reading Swedish Birth and Christening Records 1717'''], [ watch?v=VszQTkluERk '''1752'''], [ 3v2Vhw '''1771'''], [ watch?v=KcLdSHQjyu0 '''1792'''], [ IAPE '''1803'''], [ watch?v=lcXgfbDIfpM '''1834'''], [ watch?v=nLS0zRxvbss '''1854'''].
== Search Strategies ==
#Find a person’s birth record. Write down the name of the parents and the place where the family was living. You will then be able to find the person in more records.
#Search the [[User:Hanna5974/Sandbox/Finland parish suggestionChurch Records#Online Communion Books (Rippikirjat/Kommunionböcker) and Preconfirmation Records (Lastenkirjat/Barnböcker)|'''communion records and pre-confirmation rolls''']] of that parish for the date when the family was there for the birth you just located. Note all information about the family, including names, birth dates, birthplaces, marriage and death dates, and moving information. You will now have '''much more''' information about the family.
#Search the birth, marriage, and death records to verify the information you found in the communion and pre-confirmation books.
#Search the communion records and pre-confirmation rolls for all the years the family lived there. Start with the year of the parents marriage and go until the family dies out.
If you do not find earlier generations, search neighboring parishes.<br>
A These step-by-step case study, studies with illustrations, at show how to apply these strategies:*[[Finland: A Case Study Using HisKi and Digitized Online Church Records|'''Finland: A Case Study Using HisKi and Digitized Online Church Records''']] demonstrates the application of these strategies.
*[ Beginner’s Guide to Finnish Family History Research]
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