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Lauderdale County, Tennessee Genealogy

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:Genealogical articles with abstracts of records of Lauderdale County, Tennessee have been published in ''Ansearchin' News'', the quarterly magazine of the [ Tennessee Genealogical Society]. To view a list of these articles, visit their [ county index]. To read digitized versions of the first 36 years of articles (Vols. 1-36), browse their [ archive] or conduct a [ surname search]. The Family History Library has a complete collection of the ''Ansearchin' News'' quarterly {{FHL|44514|title-id|disp=FHL US/CAN Book 976.8 B2a.}}
:'''Family Findings'''
:Genealogical articles with abstracts of Lauderdale County, Tennessee records have been published in ''Family Findings'', the quarterly of the [http Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society] (42+ vols.). The Family History Library has most issues of this quarterly {{FHL|40026|title-id|disp=FHL US/CAN 976.8 B2f}}.
:Tables of contents for some volumes are available online, courtesy: [ TNGenWeb Project]:
::*[ Volumes 1-10 (1969-1978)] ::*[ Volumes 11-20 (1979-1988)] ::*[ Volumes 21-24 (1989-1992)] ::*[ Volumes 32-35 (2000-2003)]  
:Many articles from this publication have been reproduced on the TNGenWeb Project website, try this [ specialized Google search] to retrieve them.
:'''West Tennessee Historical Society Papers'''
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