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Lambeth St John the Evangelist, Surrey Genealogy

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=== Parish History ===
St John the Evangelist, Waterloo Street was created as a '''chapel of ease''' in the year 1824 and stood within the ancient parish of Lambeth St Mary, a '''parish''', and newly-enfranchised borough, in the E. division of the hundred of Brixton and of the county of Surrey and annexed to Lambeth Palace. There are places of worship for '''Roman Catholics''', '''Baptists''', '''Wesleyans''', '''Methodists''', '''Welsh Methodists''', '''Independents''' and '''Unitarians'''.<ref>Lewis, Samuel A. Lewis, [ ''A Topographical Dictionary of England''] (1848). Adapted. Date accessed: 25 February 2014.</ref>
==== Church records ====
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