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Hampden County, Massachusetts Genealogy

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This is a historical and genealogical guide to the county of Hampden. You will find help with town histories, vital records, deeds and land records, city directories, cemetery records and cemeteries, churches, town records, newspapers, maps, and libraries.
=== Hampden County Massachusetts History ===
==== Brief History ====
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=== Hampden County Massachusetts Genealogy Resources ===  
==== Vital Records ====
*'''1775 - 1783''' {{RecordSearch|2548057|Massachusetts, Revolutionary War, Index Cards to Muster Rolls, 1775-1783}} at [ FamilySearch] — images
==== Hampden County Massachusetts Libraries and Genealogy Societies ====<center>See '''[[Massachusetts Genealogy Guide#topMassachusetts Repositories|Top of PageMassachusetts Archives]]</center> ==== Family History Centers ====''' for information on Massachusetts archives and repositories
=== Family History Centers ===
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<center>'''Adjacent Counties:''' '''''Massachusetts:''''' [[Berkshire County, Massachusetts Genealogy|Berkshire ]]| [[Hampshire County, Massachusetts Genealogy|Hampshire ]]| [[Worcester County, Massachusetts Genealogy|Worcester ]]<br>'''''Connecticut:''''' [[Hartford County, Connecticut Genealogy|Hartford ]]| [[Litchfield County, Connecticut Genealogy|Litchfield ]]| [[Tolland County, Connecticut Genealogy|Tolland]]</center> <!--This was designed by Scott Andrew Bartley in conjunction with the Mass. Wiki Team on 5 September 2013--> </div>
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