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Desha County, Arkansas Genealogy

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==== History Timeline ====
Emphasis for this timeline is on events that affected migration, records, or record-keeping. Unless otherwise mentioned, the events below were taken from the Desha County page on the website, [ The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture]. <ref>Charlotte Tillar Schexnayder, ''The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture,'' ( : accessed January 13, 2016), “Desha County.”</ref>
*1838 December 12 - Created by legislative act , Desha County was detached from Arkansas and Chicot counties.
*1860-1865 - During the war, county records were moved by wagon to Richland Township and later to Clarksville, Texas. Some records were never recovered.
*1927 - Desha County’s greatest tragedy came in the spring of 1927, when a flood inundated 478,000 acres after levee breaks occurred on the Arkansas and Mississippi rivers. Many of the county’s 26,684 citizens were forced to flee to hill counties or to live on second floors, in tent cities, and in boxcars on the levee.
*1930-1931 - The Drought of 1930–31 and the Great Depression, with unemployment over thirty percent, added to economic woes.
*1940-2010 - The population of Desha County peaked in 1940 at just over 27,000. By 2010, it had dropped to 13,000.
=== History ===
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