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Carroll County, Arkansas Genealogy

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<center>{{ARCarroll County, Arkansas Clickable Neighbors}}</center>    ==== History Timeline ==== Emphasis for this timeline is on events that affected migration, records, or record-keeping. Unless otherwise mentioned, the events below were taken from the Arkansas County page on the website, [ The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture]. <ref>C. J. Miller, ''The Encyclopedia of Carroll History & Culture,'' ([] : accessed January 11, 2016), “Carroll County.”</ref> *1808 - The Osage ceded their rights to northwest Arkansas to the government of the USA. *1818 - The United States government established a reservation for the Western Cherokee. *1828 - The reservation was given up, and the land became the property of the federal government once more. *1833 - November 1, Carroll County was created *1840s - William and Charles Sneed were the area’s first settlers. *1840s - In the county’s early years, lumber mills appeared, farmers grew sustenance crops, and an abundance of game made for good hunting. *1879 - The use of mineral springs in the western part of the county brought a rapid population increase in the area. *1883 - The railroad reached Eureka Springs. *1901 - Additional rail travel came to Carroll County with the completion of the St. Louis and North Arkansas line from Harrison (Boone County) to Green Forest, Berryville, and Eureka Springs *1920s-1930s - Due to an economy based on agriculture, many residents had to seek employment elsewhere. Some headed to the oil fields in Oklahoma, others to California. Thus began a population decline that lasted until 1960. 
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