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Crawford County, Michigan Genealogy

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*[ How to order Michigan Vital Records]
*'''1867-1902''' - [ Michigan Birth Registrations, 1867-1902'''&nbsp;]-- Free name indexes and images at [;t=searchable;c=1459684 FamilySearch]. Records include such information as name of child, birthdate and place, if still-born, illegitimate or twin, gender, race and record number. *'''1868-1925''' - [ Michigan Marriage Registrations, 1868-1925''' ] -- Free name indexes at [;t=searchable;c=1452395 FamilySearch]. &nbsp;Records include such information as names of bride and groom, date of license, ages, race, residences, birthplaces, occupations and names of the fathers of the bride and groom. *'''1867-1897''' - [ Michigan Death Registrations, 1867-1897 '''] --&nbsp;<span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1236870413453_862" /><span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1236870413453_263" />&nbsp;Free name indexes and images&nbsp;at&nbsp;[;t=searchable;c=1452402 FamilySearch]. &nbsp;&nbsp;Records include such information as name of deceased, date and place of death, gender, color, marital status, age in years, months and days, disease or apparent cause of death, birthplace, names and occupations of parents, and the date the record was made.*'''Pre-1897''' (not complete) - [ Michigan State Department of Community Health Genealogical Death Indexing System]<br> *State death records - [ Seeking Michigan]<br>
== Societies and Libraries ==
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