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African American Resources for Georgia

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''[[United States Genealogy|United StatesState[[Category:African American Records]]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png|go tot[[Category:African American Records]]] [[Georgia Genealogy (state)|GeorgiaGeorgi[[Category:African American Records]]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png|go tot[[Category:African American Records]]]
<div style="width: 55%; float: right"><br> {{Click|Image:AA_ORP.png|African_American_Online_Genealogy_Records}}
| valign="bottom" align="center" | '''''Help Index Freedmen's Bureau Records'''''
| Help yourself and others find their African American ancestors by participating in the [ Discover Freedmen Indexing ProjectProjec[[Category:African American Records]]. [ June 19th Press ConferenceConferenc[[Category:African American Records]]
{| width="100%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="1"
| bgcolor="#cc99ff" colspan="8" | <center>'''Number of Slaves in Georgia'''<ref name="no">''Ninth Census of the United States: Statistics of Population, Tables I to VIII Inclusive'' (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1872), 21-22. Digital version at [ Internet ArchiveArchiv[[Category:African American Records]]; {{FHL|281281|item|disp=FHL Book 973 X2pcu}}.</ref></center>
| '''1860'''
*Caldwell, Arthur Bunyan, ''[ History of the American Negro and His Institutions, Georgia Edition, Volume 2]''
*''The Black Side'': a partial history of the business, religious, and educational side of the Negro in Atlanta, Ga. / by Edward R. Carter. - Atlanta:[s.n.], 1894/ - ix, 323 p.Micro 28148 F LC copy replaced by microfilm.
*''Homecoming: African-American Family History in Georgia'' / Carole Merritt. - [AtlantaAtlant[[Category:African American Records]]: African-American Family History Association, c 1982. - 122 p. E185.93G4 M47 1982
*''Distinguished Negro Georgians''. - Dallas: Royal Pub. Co., [1961]. - 203 p. E185.93 G4 T7
*''Profiles of Black Georgia Baptists'': two hundred ans six years of Black Georgia Baptist History, one hundred years of national Baptist history as told by Clarence M. Wagner. - Gainesville, GA.: Wagner, c 1980. - 268 p. BX6444.G4 W33
==== Online Resources ====
*[ Civil Rights Digital LibraryLibrar[[Category:African American Records]] *[ Papers of the American Slave TradeTrad[[Category:African American Records]]: part 1, Port of Savannah Slave Manifests, 1790-1860 *Access Genealogy: [ Georgia African American GenealogyGenealog[[Category:African American Records]]
*{{RecordSearch|1320969|Georgia Deaths 1914-1927}}
*[ State online resources for African-American genealogy: GeorgiaGeorgi[[Category:African American Records]] (African American Genealogy Examiner) *[ Georgia's Virtual VaultVaul[[Category:African American Records]] *[ Lowcountry AfricanaAfrican[[Category:African American Records]] (Twitter: [ LCAfricanaLCAfrican[[Category:African American Records]]) is dedicated to documenting the family and cultural heritage of African Americans in the historic rice-growing areas of South Carolina, Georgia and extreme northeastern Florida.
*Lists of slaves can be found in the online [ Georgia, Probate Records, 1742-1975].
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