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American Indians State Recognized Tribes

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{{TOC Right}}State recognized tribes are American Indian Tribes and Heritage Groups that are recognized by the individual states. This article lists those tribes with links to the states that recognize them and links to some of the tribes. {{Click|Image:AI_ORP.png|American Indian Online Genealogy Records|left}}<br>Click this button for links to databases, indexes, or sites that help you find an American Indian ancestor by topic or tribe.<br><br><br>{{TOC left}}
=== State Recognized Tribes ===
:[ Edisto Natchez Kusso Tribe of South Carolina]
:[ Pee Dee Nation of Upper South Carolina]
:Pee Dee Indian Tribe of South Carolina &nbsp;&nbsp; [; &nbsp; org/home.html The Sumter Tribe of Cheraw Indians]
:[ Santee Indian Organization]
:[ The Waccamaw Indian People]
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