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Greenwood South Carolina Family History Center

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&nbsp; &nbsp;Erskine College and Seminary<br>&nbsp; &nbsp;P.O. Box 188<br>&nbsp; &nbsp;1 Depot Street<br>&nbsp; &nbsp;Due West, SC, 29639<br>&nbsp; &nbsp;864-379-8784 (reference)<br>&nbsp; &nbsp;877-876-4348 (toll free)<br>&nbsp; &nbsp;
=== Genealogy Links ===
*[ Abbeville County]&nbsp;-&nbsp;Government resources
*[Http:// Abbeville County] - GenWeb
*[ Abbeville County, S. C.&nbsp;Archived Abbeville County Probate Court Wills&nbsp;~1782 to ~2006]
*[ Abbeville RootsWeb Query Board]
*[ Black Upstate Heritage]
*[ Greenwood County Courthouse]
*[,472960-50 Greenwood County ]- Family History Library Catalog
*[ Index-Journal]
*[ Maps Tracing County Formations in South Carolina] -&nbsp;South Carolina Department of Archives and History
*[ Searching Around South Carolina] *[ South Carolina Cemetery Mapping Projects] *[ South Carolina Genealogy] - FamilySearch Wiki*[ South Carolina GenWeb Project] *[ SC GenWeb Tombstone Project]
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