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Greenwood South Carolina Family History Center

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:*'''Early Greenwood County Marriages from 1911 - '''Contact the center to document Greenwood County Marriages.
:*'''Greenwood County Cemeteries - '''Contact the center for assistance in documenting an ancestor in a local cemetery.
 [[Image:Microfiche_ReaderMicrofiche Reader.jpg|border|left|300x200px|Microfiche Reader.jpg]] :      
:*'''Microfiche - '''The center has a wealth of microfiche for localities in the US and for other countries.  A catalog of microfiche titles will be link to this section when it is complete. Much information on microfiche is not accessible online. Until the list of microfiche has been linked here, please feel free to contact the center about the locality you are researching, or make an appointment to stop by and browse the collection.
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