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= No Meeting Was Held On This Date =
== Be bold! Post your agenda items! ==
=== Discussion items ===
See links in 'Information Items' for carryovers from the canceled user group meetings.
Request [ string function extension] through [ Forum]. [[User:Thomas Lerman|Thomas Lerman]] 17:04, 9 August 2009 (UTC)
===== Feedback on Glossary Format =====
Any suggestions on the format and layout of the Glossary? (see A ---- [[A genealogical glossary terms]] ----for example of how it looks with content from FamilySearch glossary with foreign words -- note that formatting is still a work in progress). Is it unwieldy? Are there too many entries to be useful? Should foreign words be moved to a different part of glossary? Who else ought to give feedback?   More thanks.  [[User:Brycefifield|BryceFifield]]
:I think it would be better to put the language specific terms in separate articles like [[Welsh Gravestones]] for example. Then the purpose of the Glossary would be to include technical terms unfamiliar to a beginner. Also I think you could cut down on the file size of the pages by using the built in glossary code. For example
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