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Nice re-do on the home page. It provides straight forward direction. Would it be useful to create a Find Articles by Topic link in the box and a few links (e.g., glossary, how to use wiki, etc.) or is that too redundant given that screen space is limited?  Thanks  [[User:Brycefifield|BryceFifield]]
===== Feedback on Glossary Format ===== Any suggestions on the format and layout of the Glossary? (see A ---- ----for example of how it looks with content from FamilySearch glossary with foreign words -- note that formatting is still a work in progress). Is it unwieldy? Are there too many entries to be useful? Should foreign words be moved to a different part of glossary? Who else ought to give feedback?&nbsp;&nbsp; More thanks.&nbsp; [[User:Brycefifield|BryceFifield]]<br>
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