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Alabama Birth, Marriage, and Death Records

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Alabama began keeping statewide Marriage Records in August of 1936. For current fees and instructions for obtaining copies of the state’s records, contact the [ Alabama Department of Public Health]. For marriages prior to 1936, contact the Probate Court in County where license was issued. The [ Family History Library] has films of the statewide [ ''Marriage Certificates for 1936–1992; and an Index for 1936–1959''] that may be ordered and viewed at a nearby [ Family History Center].
There are several statewide indexes in book format:  The Family History Library has a number of books with Statewide Indexes to Alabama marriages.  [ ''Early Alabama Marriages 1810–1850: Many Continue or End Between 1850 to 1900, a Few Continue Through from 1900–1936''.] San Antonio, Texas: Family Adventures, 1991. There are indexes for grooms and brides. This same information is published in [ Early Alabama Marriage Records.] These volumes were also published in 1991.
''[ Alabama Marriages Early to 1825:] A Research Tool.'' Bountiful, Utah: Precision Indexing, 1991. Over 6,000 marriages are listed alphabetically with the name of the couple and their date and county of marriage.
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