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'''Searching Online Sources for Birth, Marriage, Death , and Divorce Records'''
Online vital record resources usually consist of indexes to birth, marriage, death and divorce records, however original records are being made available on a few sites. Use When searching indexes, use the internet as a quick resource to locate and the individual, then send for the original record where you may find additional information on your family and confirm for yourself that whether the information in the index is correct. Indexes and compiled records have errors and original records should always be consulted if possible. The original records usually have more information about the person and those related to him/her.
After a person is found in an indexed database online, When you will want are ready to send for the original record. Detailed information for obtaining birth and death records after January 1908; marriage records after August 1936 and divorce records after January 1950 for the State of [ Alabama] is available on the CDC’s (CDC or [[|Center Disease Control) ]] website.
The following online sites may assist you in your search for Alabama Vital Records. Free sites are listed first, followed by sites with partial free and paid access to their collections, then finally sites are listed that charge for searching most of their vital record databases. 
A limited, but growing, collection of indexed [ Alabama Vital Records] may be found in the [ Alabama Historical Records] at There is a fee to search these online databases if the subscription is not canceled after the initial trial period. Contact your local library or archives to see if they offer free public access to with a library card.
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