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== Purpose ==
Family History Centers (FHCs) are branches of [ FamilySearch] and the [[Family History Library|Family History Library]] in Salt Lake City, Utah (United States), located all over the world. Their goal is to provide resources to assist you in the research and study of your genealogy and family history by:
NOTE: FamilySearch Center is the umbrella term for all of our center locations, large and small. Some have different names, and so the term FamilySearch Center is used to refer to all of them, collectively. Most are still individually called Family History Centers. The large centers, previously called multi-stake or regional centers, are now called FamilySearch Libraries, but are still included in the umbrella term "FamilySearch Center."
As of April 2011September 2014, there were more than 4,600 700 FSCs in 134 countries. There is no cost to visit a FamilySearch Center, and they are open to anyone with an interest in genealogical research. They are operated by [ The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS)].
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