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Hauxwell, Yorkshire Genealogy

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Other places in the parish include: Barden, Barden Dykes, Barden near Leyburn, West Hauxwell, East Hauxwell, Garriston, West Haukswell, and East Haukswell. <br><br>
HAUKSWELL, or Hauxwell (St. Oswald), '''a parish,''' in the union of Leyburn, wapentake of HangWest, N. riding of York, 5 miles (S.) from Richmond;containing, with the townships of Barden and Garriston,338 inhabitants, of whom 128 are in the township of East, and 45 in that of West, Haukswell. <ref> Lewis, Samuel A.Lewis, ''[ A Topographical Dictionary of England]'' (1848), pp. 444-447. Date accessed: 6 December 2013.</ref>
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