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Stonegrave, Yorkshire Genealogy

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! bgcolor="#ffffcc" align="center" colspanscope="7col" scopecolspan="col7" | '''STONEGRAVE PARISH (1585) Online Records'''
| bgcolor="#ffffcc" | <br>
| bgcolor="#ffcccc" | [ '''1585-1856''']<br>
| bgcolor="#ffcccc" | <br>
| bgcolor="#ccffcc" | [ '''1585-1860, 1882''']<br>
| bgcolor="#ccffcc" | <br>
| bgcolor="#ccffff" | None<br>
For a full list of all those chapels surrounding **Chapelry** and comprising the whole ancient parish of Stonegrave to which it was attached, be certain to see "Church Records" on the Stonegrave page.<br>
To find the names of the neighbouring parishes, use [ England Jurisdictions 1851]. In this site, search for the name of the parish, click on the location "pin", click Options and click List contiguous parishes.

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