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Beeford, Yorkshire Genealogy

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== Parish History ==
BEEFORD (St. Leonard), a '''parish''', chiefly in the union of Driffield, but partly in the unions of Bridlington and Skirlaugh, N. division of the wapentake of Holderness, East Riding Yorkshire including the townships of Beeford and Dunnington, and the '''chapelry of Lissett (St James).''' This place is of considerable antiquity, it being recorded in Domesday book that there was a church here at the time of that survey; which church was given, within a century after the Conquest, to the priory of Bridlington. There are places of worship for '''Independents''' and '''Wesleyans'''.<ref>Lewis, Samuel A., ''[ Topographical Dictionary of England]'' publ. London: 1831. Adapted. Accessed November 7, 2013.</ref>
== Resources ==
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