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#FamilySearch Wiki is "international" so any article with a general title such as "Surnames" should really cover the entire globe! If you are writing an article which applies to one locality only, then this should be made clear in the title of the article, such as ''Surnames in England'' or ''Scottish surnames'' etc..
#Make sure that the title clearly and concisely communicates what a user may find in the article
#Avoid descriptive adjectives #The first letter of proper nouns capitalized
#Do not capitalize regular nouns
#Avoid the use of pronouns#Category names for topics should be singular 
#Do not use abbreviations
#Titles should be gender neutral
#The first letter of proper nouns capitalized
#Do not start titles with "''A''", "''The''" or "''An''" if possible
#Replace "''&''" with "''and''" unless it is part of a formal name
#Do not include characters such as / + { } [ ] #Avoid the use of pronouns
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