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Ontario Church Records

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''[[Canada|Canada]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Ontario|Ontario]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Ontario_Church_RecordsOntario Church Records|Church Records]]''
=== Overview of Church Records ===
The records of the diocese and individual churches, maps of the diocese, a list of churches with records that pre-date 1869, and a list of clergy before 1991.<br>
===== '''Diocese of Ottawa''' =====
===== '''Diocese The records of this diocese are located in the lower level of Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawa''' =====.
:'''Contact Information:'''
:Anglican Diocese of Ottawa,
:71 Bronson Ave.
:Ottawa, ON K1R 6G6
:Phone: 613-232-7124 Ext 234
'''Using the Archives:'''<br> The [ Archives page] has the following information: the Diocesan Archives has been closed for about a year. It is now open (as of September 4, 2012) with limited capacity. Also included on the page is information on how to find the Archives, hours for research, their acquisition policy, and fee schedule.
=== Baptist ===
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