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Lake County, Michigan Genealogy

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== County Courthouse ==
[ Lake County Courthouse]<br>800 Tenth St.<br>P. O. Box B<br>Baldwin, MI 49304<br>Phone: (616) 745-4641<br>    Lake County; 800 Tenth St; PO Box B; Baldwin, MI 49304; Ph. 616.745.4641 Details: (Formerly Aishcum Co. Name changed to Lake 8 Mar 1843. Attached to Ottawa, Mason &amp; Newaygo Cos prior to organization 1 May 1871) (Co Clk has b &amp; d rec from 1870, m from 1872 &amp; mil dis rec; Trial Ct has div &amp; ct rec from 1874 &amp; pro rec; Reg of Deeds has land rec from 1880)
== History ==

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