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'''Key genealogical facts found in baptism records may include:'''
[[Image:Germany Church Books Baptism.jpg|thumb|right|Germany Church Books Baptism.jpg]]
*Date and place of baptism
'''Key genealogical facts found in marriage records may include:'''
[[Image:Germany Church Books Marriage.jpg|thumb|right|Germany Church Books Marriage.jpg]]
*Date and place of marriage
'''Key genealogical facts found in burial records may include:'''
[[Image:Germany Church Books Death.jpg|thumb|right|Germany Church Books Death.jpg]]
*Date and place of death
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[ Evangelical Church in Germany]
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=== Citation Example for a Record Found in This Collection ===
Germany, Brandenburg, Heegermühle, Church Records, 1664-18001824, images, ''FamiySearch ''( &nbsp;; accessed 14 March 21 May 2012), Taufen 1730-1800 &gt; image 120 of 169 images, Johann Daniel Rath getauft 21/28 Juni 1782; citing Heegemühle, church records, Evangelical Church parishes throughout Heegermühle. Germany, Brandenburg, Kreisarchiv Barnim, Barnim, Brandenburg, Germany<br>
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