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Quick Facts

Southside is a small area of farms under the Gem Irrigation District. There is no central location of the community. Rather, it a social group of farming families.

Geographic location

The Southside community is located northwest of Homedale, Idaho.



Farmers in the area cooperated, especially during harvest time. During the Owyhee County Fair, held in Homedale in August each year, Southside and the other communities displayed their farm produce and competed with each other. Judges awarded prizes for the best produce.


The Southside community had no newspaper of its own. However, for many years in the mid-1900s, the weekly Owyhee Chronicle newspaper, published in Homedale, Idaho, encouraged the submission of news articles from families in the community. The newspaper even appointed a community reporter whose duty was to call each family and ask for news items to be printed in the newspaper. It is a good source of local news and information about the residents of the community.

Other farming communities near Homedale also had a similar arrangement and supplied news stories from the families in their area.

School Records

Students living in the Southside farming community attended school at the Homedale public schools.