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Images of Fifty-eight Slave Compensation Files, 11.3.1866-2.21.1867 located in the National Archives Catalog, NAID 6037029 from the U.S. District Court for the First (Topeka) Division of the District of Kansas. Under the act of February 24, 1864 and July 28, 1866 slave owners could receive compensation for the military service of their slaves during the Civil War. The claims are are from the state of Missouri. Click on the link "Search within this file unit" to see the images. See also Registers of Claims for the U.S. Colored Troops, 186-1867. NAID 608297.Includes registers of claims filed by slave owners for Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia and Virginia.

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Claimant Slave(s) Notes NAID
George Anderson 6106458
George Baker Lewis Turner; George Bell 6106461
Martha Barker 6106467
Pink D. Booker 6106470
Bernis Brown 6106473
Jesse Brown 6106475
Thomas Burris 6106478
John Campbell 6106482
William Chancellor 6106484
Moses Chapman Joseph Clark; Samuel Creel; 6106488
Hector Chinn 6106494
Bennett Clark 6106497
Samuel Cole 6106502
Sarah Corder Henry Johnson; Jack Rector; Daniel Price or Corder; Strother Ward 6106506
Ira Darby 6106514
John M. Davis 6106518
Robert E. Davis 6106522
John Doxey 6106525
Walter Drake Sidney Drake; Anderson Jones 6106529
William McHatton and William Drummond 6106605
James R. Eshill 6106532
George Fletcher 6106536
William French 6106539
Joseph Gentry 6106541
James Glascock Paul Shelton; Smith Shelton; James Madison; Marshall Thomas; Willis Washington 6106545
French Glascock 6106543
William Hall 6106557
James Hamilton 6106561
John Herndon Harrison Small; Reubin Herndon 6106564
Samuel T. Hughes George Grigsby; Hiram Grigsby; Joseph Grigsby 6106572
Peyton Hunt 6106581
William Isaacs 6106584
Harriet Jay 6106588
Horace Kingsbury 6106591
Columbus F. Kirtley 6106596
Benjamin Lawless George; Lewis 6106598
Teresa Lawrence 6106603
Wiliam P. Moore 6106608
Benjamin Nance 6106611
William Neale George Paton; Volney 6106616
Alfred Orr 6106621
John Peacock Archer Johnson; Antony Mason 6106623
Lucretia Peyton 6106627
James D. Price 6106630
James Quarles Benjamin Tyler; Mickey Anderson 6106634
John Ramsey 6106640
Catherine Richmond 6106642
Stephen D. Shore Jefferson Shores; James Shores 6106645
Montgomery Slemons George Slemons; Nat Slemons 6106647
John H. Stephen 6106652
Samuel Swope 6106656
Sanders Townsend Stephen; Lewis Bailey; 6106660
Elizabeth Turner 6106666
R. F. Wayland 6106669
Oscar R. White Albert White ;John White 6106673
Joseph Wilkerson 6106680
Horace Windsor Oscar R. Cook; Taylor Hawkins; David Rummels 6106683
E.M. Wooldridge Fleming Stradford 6106692