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Research use: Provides personal data for those persons who may not be found in parish registers because the registers are lost or destroyed, or, where the researcher knows the person served in the military but does not know where he was born.

Record type: Records of enlistment and service.

General: The Serbian Ministry of War was established in 1862. Most of the 19th century records pertain to officers. The majority of the records begin in 1914 with the onslaught of World War I.

Time period: 1862-present.

Contents: Name, place and date of birth, parents, and other personal details. Includes records of volunteers from America who served in the Serbian army during World War I.

Location: Military Historical Institute (Akhiv Vojnoistorijskiog Instituta). The Institute was founded in 1945 as a central repository for historical records of the military.

Population coverage: 20%.

Reliability: High.[1]


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