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Archive Names and Addresses

Archives of Serbia
Arhiv Srbije
ul. Karnegijeva 2
11000 Beograd

Archives of Vojvodina (Serbian Autonomous Province)
Arhiv Vojvodine
Dunavska 35
21000 Novi Sad

  • Archives Portal Europe provides access to information on archival material from Belgium as well as information on archival institutions throughout the European continent.

The archival structure of Yugoslavia has four tiers. From general to specific, archives are found at national, state and provincial, city (known as historical archives), and community (obstina) levels. The national archive is the Archive of Yugoslavia. Its collections pertain to the 20th century and consequently are of only limited value to the genealogist at this time.

At the next level down are state and provincial archives. The Archive of Serbia was founded in 1898 before the confederation of Yugoslavia existed. It served as a national archive until the formation of the Archive of Yugoslavia in 1950. Consequently, it has many records of a national character. The Archive of Vojvodina was founded in 1926. Established before the communist period, it is not directly subordinate to the national archive, but is independent.

At the next level down are the historical archives. There are thirty-four such archives. They are located primarily in larger cities and are also known as city archives though they cover not only the city but also the surrounding area. In some cases the church records have been centralized in these archives. Otherwise, the records are located at the next level down in the community archives or in the churches themselves.[1]


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