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How Each Column Helps You With Your Research

1. POPULATED PLACE column: names the "populated place" or "location" of interest.

2. FORMER NAME, if applicable column: if the location was known by another name, it is listed here (a year of name change is given, if known).

3. TYPE column: gives type of location (i.e. village, town, city, etc.) - the size definition varies per province.

4. FHL CATALOG column: links to the "catagories of sources" available in the Family History Library for this populated place or location.

5.WIKIPEDIA column: links to background information regarding this location or its county if Wikipedia does not have an article for that specific place.

Useful Websites

  • Canadian Geographical Names Data Base (CGNDB) - gives brief information about a place, including historic names/places. For historic information, scroll to #3, and click Formerly Official, also try with All.
  • Google Maps - shows the whereabouts of places on a map.
  • Google Images - shows pictures/photos/old maps (sometimes) of a place.
  • WorldCat - shows sources (books, maps, etc.) at various libraries/repositories, etc. for a place.


  • Listed below are the populated places in this district, according to the Gazetteer of Canada. Saskatchewan.[1] This gazetteer is used as the source of locations or populated places in the Family History Library Catalog for the Province of Saskatchewan.
  • If you wish the current division, where your Populated Place now exists, check the Canadian Geographical Names Data Base listed above.

Populated Places Table

1 2 3 4 5


FORMER NAME, if applicable TYPE



Fairlight     Village    Link   Link
Fairview         Link   Link
Fartown         Link   Link
Fenwood    Village      Link
Ferland        Link   Link
Fertile        Link   Link
Fielding        Link   Link
Fife Lake        Link   Link
Fillmore     Village    Link   Link
Findlater     Village   Link    Link
Fish Creek           Link   Link
Fisher        Link   Link
Fitzmaurice       Link   Link
Flaxcombe      Village    Link   Link
Fleming   Town      Link 
Flin Flon    City       Link
Floral       Link   Link
Foam Lake    Town    Link   Link
Forgan        Link   Link
Forget     Village     Link   Link
Fort Pelly         Link   Link
Fort Pitt          Link   Link
Fort Qu'Appelle    Town    Link   Link
Fosston     Village     Link   Link
Fox Valley    Village     Link   Link
Francis     Town    Link   Link
Frenchman Butte       Link   Link
Frobisher    Village        Link
Frontier    Village       Link
Furness             Link
Gainsborough    Village     Link   Link
Garrick       Link   Link
Garry         Link   Link
Gerald     Village        Link
Gergovia        Link   Link
Gilroy         Link   Link
Girvin        Link   Link
Gladmar     Village     Link   Link
Glaslyn     Village        Link
Gledhow         Link   Link
Glen Bain           Link   Link  
Glen Ewen      Village     Link   Link
Glen Mcpherson          Link   Link
Glenavon       Village        Link
Glenside     Village    Link   Link
Golden Prairie   Village    
Goodeve   Village       Link
Goodsoil     Village       Link
Goodwater    Village        Link
Govan    Town      Link
Govenlock        Link   Link
Grand Coulee     Village       Link
Gravelbourg     Town    Link   Link
Gray        Link   Link
Grayson    Village     Link   Link
Green Lake        Link   Link
Greenan        Link   Link
Greenfield        Link   Link
Grenfell    Town     Link   Link
Griffin      Link   Link
Grosswerder         Link   Link
Guernsey         Link   Link
Gull Lake       Town    Link   Link
Hafford    Town    Link   Link
Hagen          Link   Link
Hague    Town    Link   Link
Halbrite    Village    Link   Link
Handsworth        Link   Link
Hanley    Village     Link   Link
Happy Valley       Link   Link
Harris    Village     Link   Link
Hart Butte         Link   Link
Hatton         Link   Link
Hawarden      Village       Link
Hazel Cliffe        Link   Link
Hazenmore     Village     Link   Link
Hazlet    Village     Link   Link
Hearne         Link   Link
Heart's Hill        Link   Link
Hendon        Link   Link
Hepburn    Village     Link   Link
Herbert          Link   Link
Heward    Village     Link   Link
High Tor         Link   Link
Hillmond         Link   Link
Hodgeville      Village      Link
Holbein        Link   Link
Holdfast     Village        Link
Homefield        Link   Link
Hubbard     Village     Link   Link
Hudson Bay     Town    Link   Link
Humboldt     City    Link   Link
Huntoon           Link   Link 
Huronville          Link   Link
Hyas      Village       Link


  1. Gazetteer of Canada. Saskatchewan (Ottawa, Ontario : Canadian Board on Geographical Names, 1957) FHL book 971.24 E5c