San Francisco Earthquake Victims

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This is on the site of the Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco, California. It is under “The Great 1906 Earthquake and Fire” section.Though there are many clickable subjects on this site, those of most importance to genealogists would be:
Earthquake Newspaper Clippings
Selected Subjects:
Death Destruction Have Been the Fate of San Francisco
“Hundreds Dead!” – Daily News April 18, 1906 Front Page
Refugees Go to Oakland
Devastation in Cities of Dead
Heavy Earthquake Damage in Sonoma County
Hollister Wrecked by the Earthquake
Nine Killed in Santa Cruz Mountain Landslides
Orphans Driven from Their Shelter
Counting the 1906 Casualties
Chinese Housed at Presidio – Later they Will Go to Hunter’s Point
Mother of Fire Hero in Want
Injured Firemen Recovering
Eyewitness Accounts- They Cover the Earthquake and Fire
Selected Subjects
“Caruso on the Earthquake,” by Enrico Caruso (The opera singer)
“Opening an Emergency Hospital”, by Dr. Charles V. Cross
“Navy Firefighting Operations,” by Lt. Frederick Freeman
“How the Army Worked to Save San Francisco,” by General Frederick Funston
“Story of an Eyewitness,” by Jack London (The writer)
“Thousands Flee From Blazing City,” by Bailey Millard
“Who Perished”; List of Dead from the 1906 Earthquake
These names were complied from newspapers of people who:
Died as direct result of the earthquake
Died as direct result of the fire
Died after April 18 till the end of April,1906 from injuries they received from the earthquake or fire.
Lists give:
Variant Spellings
Newspaper taken from
Listing in San Francisco Directory