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We serve the Rose Park, Rose Park North and Riverside Stakes, and everyone interested in Family History and Genealogy in this area.

All Family History research support is offered as a complimentary service to the community.

Rose Park Stake Center 760 N. 1200 W., Salt Lake City, UT 84116 United States

(Enter by the southwest door, convenient to our ample free parking).

Phone: 801-578-6769 Email:

Regular Hours:

Wednesday   9:30 am - 12 pm

Thursday       6:30 pm - 9 pm

Saturday        9:30 am - 12 pm


You may schedule a special class for your group on Tuesday or Wednesday evening, or a time convenient to your group, by e-mailing your request and contact information to
If you would like to schedule Indexing Training for yourself or a group, contact our Stake Temple & Family History Indexing Lead at 801 364-2688 or at the above e-mail address.  We will respond as soon as possible.

Indexing: Imagine people all over the world finding a long-lost ancestor because of the work you do during this year's event. It will make millions of records available online and benefit all researchers - maybe even you!

Global Online Indexing Event Aims to Make It Easier to Find Ancestors

Salt Lake City, Utah (3 October 2017), FamilySearch International announced its Worldwide Indexing Event held October 20 through October 22, 2017. The annual 3-day initiative unites individuals and online communities globally to create awareness and help make billions of historic records freely searchable online by family history seekers. Whether an experienced online volunteer indexer or first timer, interested individuals are invited to participate at

Indexing is the web-based process of entering information from the world’s digitally scanned historical documents into an online database, making them easily searchable online. Family history sleuths around the world can then search these volunteer-indexed records to quickly discover their ancestors. Anyone with a computer and internet connection can help index historic records and offer meaningful community service to those seeking their elusive ancestors.

The 2016 event far surpassed expectations. “From its beginning on Thursday in Southeast Asia and Australia to its conclusion Sunday night in the Pacific, the event attracted a wide range of participants. Volunteers contributed online from home or participated in locally organized events from Zurich, Switzerland, to the Rocky Mountains in the United States,” said Allison Hadley, FamilySearch indexing marketing specialist.

Over 100,000 volunteers indexed more than 10 million historic records during the 2016 event. Hadley explained that every record contains the names and stories of real people—the deceased ancestors of millions of living descendants today—just waiting to be discovered and added to the family tree by their posterity. The 3-day event and continued efforts by volunteers throughout the year create millions of personal ancestry discoveries for others.

Hadley said volunteers with non-English language skills are particularly needed at this time. She said FamilySearch currently has over 200 digital camera teams photographing historic records of our ancestors worldwide from non-English speaking countries. It has created a huge need and opportunity for indexers to make these records freely searchable online. Volunteers can choose from projects of interest from all over the world.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to serve people worldwide,” said Hadley. “Indexing is a fun and engaging way to provide meaningful community service, to get involved in family history and historic records preservation and access.”

The web-based tool and event are available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Polish, Swedish, and Dutch.

8 November 2017

We are thrilled to announce a new class by a guest presenter, Rhonda Lauritzen: Interviewing 101. This class will be at 7 pm rather than our typical time.

What would you give to hear someone’s voice again? The human voice is an intimate medium that triggers powerful emotions after a loved one is gone. This class will inspire

attendees to record oral history, and provides tips to do it effectively. Truly, interviewing is a shared gift to the speaker, hearer, and those who will benefit from stories years in the future.

Also, it is simply not that hard, but too many people miss the opportunity because they feel overwhelmed. We break through all that, teaching attendees simple ways to get it done.

Our advice is this: "Do it now, and it will be enough."

Watch this site for updates on our schedule and events


April & October General Conference Saturdays.
Thanksgiving week 22-25 November 2017
13 December 2017. We reopen on 3 January 2018
Closed during heavy snowstorms.