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The islands of St Kitts (formerly St Christopher) and Nevis were discovered and named by Columbus in 1493. They were settled by Britain in 1623 and 1628 respectively, but ownership was disputed with France until 1783. They formed part of the Leeward Islands Federation from 1871 to 1956, and part of the Federation of the West Indies from 1958 to 1962. In 1967, the colonial status was replaced by an ‘association’ with Britain, giving the islands full internal self-government. St Kitts and Nevis became fully independent in 1983.[1]

St. Kitts: England 1624, England and France jointly 1625, England and France partitioned 1626, Spain 1629, England and France partitioned 1630, France 1665, England and France partitioned 1667, France 1689, England 1690?, England and France partitioned 1697, France 1705, Great Britain 1713, independence 1983.[2] [3]
Nevis: England 1628, Spain 1629, England 1630, independence 1983.[3]


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