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History[edit | edit source]

The earliest workhouse recorded for Runcorn was at Grappenhall (1745)

The Runcorn Poor Law Union formally came into being on 26th August 1836. The Union in common with many Northern towns and Unions opposed the provision of a workhouse but was criticiesed by the Poor Law Commissioners for failure to provide adequate accommodation for the destitute.

1855-57 saw the building of the Dutton workhouse with a capacity of  280.

The workhouse infirmary was enlarged in 1881-2. Other extensions took place in 1895, and a nurses' home was added in 1906.

The site later became  a Public Assistance Institution also known as Dutton Hospital.

The buildings were later demolished and the site redeveloped to provide housing.

Constituent Parishes
[edit | edit source]

 Alvanley, Cheshire GenealogyAntrobus, Cheshire Genealogy , Aston by Sutton, Cheshire Genealogy , Daresbury, Cheshire Genealogy ,
Frodsham, Cheshire Genealogy , Great Budworth, Cheshire Genealogy , Halton, Cheshire Genealogy , Lower Whitley, Cheshire Genealogy,
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The following parishes and hamlets are within the ecclesisatial and Ancient parishes above. England Jurisdictions 1851 will assist to identify them:

Acton Grange,  Appleton, Aston, Aston Grange, Bartington, Budworth, Clifton, Crowley,  Dutton,  Hatton, Helsby, Keckwick, Kingsley, Kingswood, Manley, Moore, Newton by Daresbury, Newton by Frodsham, Norley, Norton, Preston on the Hill, Runcorn, Stockham, Stretton, Sutton, Thelwall, Walton Superior, Walton Inferior, Weston, Whitley Superior, Whitley Inferior.

Records[edit | edit source]

Cheshire Archives and Local Studies

Cheshire Record Office
Duke Street,
Tel: 01244 972574
Fax: 01244 973812
Website:,_culture_and_tourism/record_office.aspxExternal link - opens in a new window

NHH/1/3221/4-6 1858-1943 Register of births NHH/1/3221/4 Jan 1858 - Feb 1866
Register of births NHH/1/3221/5 Jun 1866 - Mar 1917
Register of births NHH/1/3221/6 May 1914 - Sep 1943

Register of deaths NHH/1/3221/7 Apr 1866 - May 1916
Register of deaths NHH/1/3221/8 May 1914 - Apr 1937
Register of death NHH/1/3221/9 May 1937 - Nov 1960
Register of baptisms Apr 1912 - Jan 1936 NHH/1/3221/10 1912-1936

Religious creed registers NHH/1/3221/11 Apr 1914 - May 1926
Religious creed registers NHH/1/3221/12 May 1926 - May 1937
Religious creed registers NHH/1/3221/13 Apr 1937 - Feb 1951
Register of inmates NHH/1/3221/14 Aug 1907 - Jun 1937
Register of inmates NHH/1/3221/15 Jun 1937 - Nov 1946
No further details Register of inmates NHH/1/3221/16 Dec 1946 - Nov 1951
Register of inmates NHH/1/3221/17 Dec 1951 - Oct 1960
"Particulars of persons aged 65 and over" Jan 1935 - Sep 1948 NHH/1/3221/18 1935-1948
 Admission and discharge register Apr 1937 - May 1939 NHH/1/3221/19 1937-1939
 Inmates examination book Oct 1937 - May 1958 NHH/1/3221/20 1937-1958

[edit | edit source]

For more information on the history of the workhouse, see Peter Higginbotham's web site: and for maps and images of the Union: