Restricted Family History Library Microfilms

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There are various reasons that a microfilm may be restricted, and there are also different levels of restriction.

Reasons for restriction

If a microfilm is restricted it is usually because the copyright holder or repository allowed the record to be microfilmed but under certain restrictions. This may have allowed the owner of the original record to preserve a copy of the original record although users may need to visit the local archive to view the documents.

In some cases a microfilm may have several different items on the microfilm. If one or more items on the microfilm are restricted, that may prevent the microfilm from being available at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

Levels of restriction

Some microfilm may be accessible at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and in certain family history centers but not at other family history centers around the world.

How to access information on a restricted microfilm

  1. Contact the repository where the original record is housed and see if they allow the record to be viewed at their office or will make copies for personal research.
  2. If the item you need to view is a book of any sort try a search on Google under the category books:
  3. Search online to see if the book may be available for purchase. Bookfinder4u is an excellent choice because a search there includes 130 bookshops and thousands of online resources. You can also search for used and out of print books.
  4. Search WorldCat to see if a public or university library near you has the book.