Records of the Romanian ''Securitate''

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The Securitate was the secret police that functioned under the Communist government of Romania in the period 1945-1989.  Through a network of informants and sophisticated electronic equipment, it maintained survellaince on various Romanian citizens it considered a possible threat to the state.  This information was assembled into dossiers on the person.  Many of the people in Romania during this period have dossiers with the Securitate.   Records of the Securitate can be used to confirm information gained from friends and relatives, and also find records beyond their memory.  In addtion, these records will contain personal information beyond basic genealogical information, such activities, attitudes, and associates of the person.    

Information Provided:  Dossiers contain much personal information about the individual, and may include reports of informants regarding activites of the person, birthdates and places, marriage dates and places, parents' names and information, grandparents' names and information, and information on other relatives and children.

Location: Consiliul National Pentru Studii de Securitate