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What is RecordSeek?[edit | edit source]

RecordSeek is a free third-party affiliate product for FamilySearch that enables patrons to quickly create Family Tree sources from online records. RecordSeek places an "applet" on your internet browser bookmarks bar. This applet is called "RecordSeek" and can be used to autofill the fields used to create a source in Family Tree.

Internet browsers commonly allow patrons to create direct links to allow easy access to particular webpages. For different browers, these direct links have different names: bookmarks, favorites, etc. These direct links are typically located at the top of the internet browser. RecordSeek is one of these direct links that can be placed on your internet browser.

How to Download RecordSeek[edit | edit source]

  • RecordSeek should work on all browsers. However, these instructions are for Google Chrome. If you prefer a different browser, you’ll need to find out how to show and add to the bookmarks bar. It may or may not use the same instructions below.
  • In Google Chrome, to show your bookmarks bar, hold down Ctrl+Shift+B at the same time.
  • Go to
  • Click and hold your mouse on the RecordSeek button, then drag it to your bookmarks bar. You will see a slash sign until you reach the bookmarks bar. The sign will change to a plus when you can release your mouse.
  • You do not need to have room on your bookmarks bar before adding RecordSeek. A black vertical bar will appear between the two bookmarks where you want to place it. The last bookmark that was on the left will then be hidden.

How to Use RecordSeek[edit | edit source]

  • Find a webpage you wish to use as a source.
  • Use your mouse to highlight information you’d like to include in the record notes.
  • Click the RecordSeek button in your bookmarks bar.
  • A new window will open for you to sign in to your FamilySearch or Ancestry account. Click on FamilySearch.
  • After signing in, a window will briefly appear that says it is authenticating your information.
  • A new window will open showing the fields Family Tree uses to create a new source. RecordSeek will automatically fill in some of the fields. Anything you highlighted with your mouse will go into the Describe the Record (Notes) field. Review the fields and edit or add information as needed.
  • To use this source for particular fields in Family Tree, click the green Tag this Source to Events button. Then check any of the six items this record pertains to in the pop-up box that appears. Click the blue Close button when done.
  • If you have a particular folder in your Source Box you'd like to save this record in, select it by clicking on the dropdown arrow under Source Box (Folder).
  • If you don't want to attach it now, click the Save Now, Attach Later button and it will simply be stored in your Source Box on Family Tree.
  • If you're ready to attach it now, click the Next button. RecordSeek will then move to another screen which allows you to search for the ancestor to whom you would like to attach the source. You can type in the search parameters and select the correct person from a list of search results. However, the easiest way to search is to copy the PID from Family Tree and paste it into the Search by Person ID Number field. Then click Next.
  • RecordSeek moves to a screen that allows you to include a reason for attaching this source. This is optional, but usually helpful. When complete, click the Create & Attach button.
  • A new window will pop up telling you congratulations, the source was successfully attached.

How to Access RecordSeek[edit | edit source]

Go to and follow the directions given on the webpage. The instructions will vary depending on which browser you are using. The webpage will give you instructions to place the applet on your particular browser. You can also click the "Need Help" link on the RecordSeek page for further instructions.