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Help-content.png Disclaimer: This list of professional genealogists is not intended to be an official endorsement by FamilySearch or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Below is a list of professional researchers who offer fee-based family history services to help patrons find ancestors in this place. (see table further below):

Researcher or Business Credentials, Professional Associations Hours Worked for Clients Genealogical Experience Hourly Rate Range Notes & Links (limit 140 characters)
ICAPGen, APG, BCG, FamilySearch Certifications, university degrees in Family History
Thousands every year
Hundreds of years of cumulative experience
Free Consult.  Will beat any firm's price.
Italian genealogists
World's largest family history research firm. Large team of pro genealogists who live and work in Italy. Supported by over 1,200 genealogists and subject matter experts (DNA experts, historians, professors, etc.) worldwide. Call 888-509-1130 or email


Legacy Tree Genealogists

Accredited, University Degrees in Genealogy and Family History, Awards and Certifications.
Thousands every year since 2004.
Decades of genealogy research experience; world's highest-rated genealogy research company.
Free Consultation!

Rates vary by project.

Located near the famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Onsite researchers throughout Italy available as well. Call 800.818.1476 or email queries to

Kathy Kirkpatrick

B.A. in History from Humboldt State University at Arcata, California. Ms. Kirkpatrick is a past president of the Salt Lake Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

Kathy lectures at conferences on such topics as "Basic Genealogy, "Italian Research Sources", "Latin for Genealogical Research", "On-Site Research in Italy", "The Revolutionary War as Global Conflict" and "WW II Italian POWs in Utah".

Kathy's experience includes research for many clients and genealogists from beginning through advanced levels, including heirship and probate research. Her research takes her on-site in Southern Italy and Sicily, as well as close to home in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. To see a sample report, please see To see some comments from clients, please see

Kathy wrote Basic Genealogy (1995, 1997), The Descendants of Timothy Meeker (1987-1991, a six volume series), The Descendants of John Robert Kirkpatrick (1986), Agrigento, Palermo and Catania Provinces (Italy) - A Reference for Researchers (2003), Italian Prisoners of War in the Continental US on 31 March 1945 (A-B), (C-D), (E-I), (J-M), (N-R), (S-Z) (2003-2004), Prisoners of War in Utah During World War II (2004), Sicily, Parts 1 and 2 (2008). Her latest book is Prisoner of War Camps Across America (2012) is available on Amazon.

A free research proposal is available upon request, please state details concerning the ancestor(s) of interest and the goal(s) desired from the research project.

Project rates are $700/day for an on-site research project. The cost breaks down as follows:
$200 for airfare to and from Italy and travel expenses within Italy (including trains, buses, car rental, tolls and gas) after division by the 10 client research days on each trip; $100 for daily lodging and food; $400 for eight hours of research and report writing on each client research day.

Research proposal: Free.

On-site research in Italy: $700/day ($200 for all travel -- airfare, tains, buses, car rental, tolls and gas; $100 for daily lodging and food; $400 for eight hours of research and report writing for each client research day.)

Located near the famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Tara A. Fantauzzi

M.A. in History from SUNY Albany, 2011; B.A. in Anthropology SUNY Albany; APG; D.A.R. Nat'l #913308 Schenectada Chapter; member of Phi Alpha Theta history honors society; member of Lambda Alpha anthropology honors society Thousands

Learn more about my academic and professional background at my website

Free Initial Consultation [1 hr. long]; Located close by the capital of New York State --Albany, New York, U.S.A. also located very close by the Loudonville Family History Center

Autumn Baccellia

Degree in Family Research Studies (Genealogy)

Professionally since 2005 Full genealogical research, living relatives research, brickwalls, dual citizenship, lineage societies, etc.
Varies depending on project


*Danny Hall Genealogy "Who Do You Think You Are?" Official Credits-Blair Underwood and Courteney Cox Episodes


Actual Experience In Archives And Repositories All Over The World

25 Years, 60K Hours+
Based In Salt Lake City.

N + S Americas, UK/Ireland And Western European/Nordic Research

SLC Group Tours And 1-On-1 Research Anywhere.

Call (888) 444-3211 Or Email

Alicia De Filippis Burns

Our Italian Family Tree

Certificate in Genealogical Research, Boston University Many I've worked on my own Italian and Sicilian tree for 14 years. Specialize in Italian-American genealogy and records, mainly immigration and naturalization during the Ellis Island years. $30.00
Rich Venezia

Rich Roots Genealogy

Certificate in Genealogical Research, Boston University Thousands Rich Roots Genealogy provides genealogical services to help you find your rich roots. Specializing in Italian research and immigrant ancestry in the Pittsburgh and New Jersey/NYC areas, Rich brings over a decade of experience to your family search. How rich are your roots? Rates vary depending on project. Based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Specializes in 20th-century immigrant ancestry.

Researches on-site in Pittsburgh, NJ/NYC, Ireland, Italy, Salt Lake City, and Washington, DC. or 412.339.0602

*DigiDeena Family Heritage Solutions Certified Genealogists®, Accredited Genealogists®, and other experienced professionals Thousands Over 100 years of genealogy experience among our staff. Visit our website, call or email us for a project estimate. Based in Denver, Colorado but we employ genealogists near the Family History Library as well as other locations in the United States. Call (720)445-5380. Email:
Sicilian Ancestry

Member of Association of Professional Genealogists. Member of research team for Ancestry. Thousands, every year. Years of genealogy research for clients around the world. For a few of years, I have been actively researching the origin of my surname, reconstructing the entire genealogy of all Sicilian Sorbello from 1450 to 1850.

I am also specialized in genetic genealogy, one of the broad of genealogy which provide us with unique information collected from DNA analysis.

Consult is free.

Research fee is 40 $/hour.

I’m available to offer customized packages for every need.

I have lived in Sicily since I was born and living here has granted me the privilege of learning about the history of the Land, especially the eastern part of it. Ask for a on-site research!